From EARTH to FIRE the concept behind CJC610

From EARTH to FIRE the concept behind CJC610

“Cairo Jazz Club’s long haul of planning, execution and the refinement to perfection of everything has come into fruition as Cairo Jazz Club 610! This venue is spacious as hell, and caters to the different tastes that have always been present at its decade long  – withstanding – first venue in Dokki. With an outside terrace and courtyard, as well as, a much bigger stage for Cairo’s best performers, this venue definitely welcomes your very large group of friends living all around 6th of October and those who love their neighborhood too much to leave! ” cairogossip’s article

The main concept behind our lovely design

Earth and fire resemble day and night. This duality is the inspiration behind the main functions and activities of the new Cairo Jazz Club venue. Earth symbolizes nature and tranquility, while fire symbolizes energy and passion.

The calmness that is experienced in the outdoor areas of the venue at day time are followed by the vitality of the night experience. The fire turns into ashes at the end of the night and morphs to earth again creating a continuous experience of diverse emotions.

The venue is divided into three spaces, an indoor hall and an outdoor terrace and court. Each space, different in scale and size, has its own bar, seating areas and arrangements which can be used separately or together. The three areas have a common entrance, reception, kitchen, WCs and amenities. The flexibility to use each space on its own or combined without affecting the whole venue allowed the owners to operate the venue day and night and not only at night as the original venue. The possibility of enjoying live music, great food and delicious cocktails is being expanded by daytime activities such as lunch, gatherings, acoustic music or easy listening electronic music, while the indoor hall is equipped with state of the art audiovisual and ventilation systems to ensure a matchless live performance experience for around 350 persons