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What we do

El-Agizy Architecture & Design was founded by Egyptian Architect Mohamed El-Agizy. Mohamed moved to Germany after school to study Architecture at the renowned German University RWTH Aachen. After graduation, Mohamed worked for SWA Architekten in Cologne, Germany before moving back to Cairo in 2004 where he worked for Pacer Consultants till 2005. Working on private commissions since 2005, Mohamed established El-Agizy Architecture & Design in 2008.

Since then the office has been engaged in more than 50 local and international projects, ranging from urban, architecture and interior design. We are also involved in furniture and installations design. That leads us to work in different scales and levels of design, thus creating synergy and dialog between the design and the end user.

The construction supervision and management is of great importance to us, making sure that the coordination between the construction drawings and the site works are intact, ensuring the quality and sustainability of the built environment.
The office is run by Mohamed El-Agizy, acting as the creative director of the firm. Currently, the office consists of seven people, five of them are architects and interior designers working on projects in Egypt, Kenya and South Korea.

Meet the team


We believe that we are ‘Builders’. Our responsibilities exceed the office environment to the cultural, social, philosophical and technical realties within our communities. That in mind, we are always looking to create comprehensive solutions for complex problems.

Our design approach is dynamic based individually on each specific project. The duality of aesthetics versus functionality is constantly being challenged in our designs. We develop our concepts based on our findings and analysis.
Whilst pragmatic in our program solving, we tend to create harmonious integration between the physical and the sensual.


Sustainability of the built environment is becoming necessary more than ever. Limited resources and global warming are making architects rethink their approaches in terms of energy, materiality, and operation maintenance. This is an integral part of our design process creating sustainable designs that don’t conflict with our modern life-style but rather enhance them through natural light and ventilation, local craftsmanship, locally available materials and energy efficiency.

Mohamed El Agizy
The Principal
Rana Hassaneen
office manger / Interior designer