Cairo Jazz Club 610

For well over a decade, Cairo Jazz Club has stood the test of time as Cairo’s ultimate live music hub. The vibe achieved in the venue is a lively and engaging one where people can enjoy live music, delicious food and bar selections, while feeling right at home. In the center of it all, the Cairo Jazz Club stage is notoriously established as a portal for manifesting art and expression through music.

Cairo Jazz Club commissioned us to design their new venue in east of Cairo. The brief was simple yet challenging; they wanted to create a venue that is not a replica of the original venue but it must represent the same values, vibe and mood. Simply as they put it” We serve good mood”.

The venue is 810 m² comprised of ten 9x9m modules. It is located as the mezzanine floor of a one story building as part of a commercial mall. One enters the venue through one of the ten modules in the ground floor. The other 9 modules are on the top floor organized in a 3×3 rows. The three modules facing the street are outdoor spaces as well as one module facing the back area. The rest modules are indoor areas.


6th October